Radiant Heating/Snow Melting

Does your radiant heating system look or run like a train wreck? Haunted by expensive maintenance? Did you know the system design and component layout make all the difference? Well many radiant heating contractors don’t either. If you hire the wrong Radiant heating Contractor this may very well be your system, we repair these systems all the time. Don’t let it be you! Plumbers don’t need any Qualifications to become a radiant heating contractor. (Feel free to call for a free system analysis if this applies to your system.)

At Park City Plumbing we have over 15 years experience designing, installing and servicing radiant heat and snowmelt systems. We also bring over 25 years of plumbing experience & craftsmanship to each system. Our radiant system designs are well engineered all components are top quality. We can custom design a great trouble free system for about any budget. From the Subaru to the Cadillac of systems, we know how to deliver quality.

We lay our tubing in concrete slabs evenly and strait, pipe in walls and ceilings are installed in a manner to avoid expansion and contraction noise. Photos are taken and archived. When our clients remodel 10 years down the line our radiant tubing is locatable and layout predictable so as to not interfere with the remodel process. Tubing and components are installed throughout your home and into your mechanical room purposefully so as to all finished piping comes together in an orderly fashion, Thus causing less congestion with all other trades and other systems. This makes for easy, clean and less maintenance down the road saving time and money. From a plumber’s point of view, your mechanical room will have a feng shui feel to it. Our clients often remark how they love to show their guests “the mechanical room”.

That is a reflection of the workmanship we put into every radiant heat and snow melt system from design through the final start up and beyond.


Radiant Heating / Snow Melting


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