What plumbing company does your General Contractor use? Park City Plumbing Saves you time $ water and reduces your carbon footprint.

Park City Plumbing specializes in quality custom plumbing. Don’t hire just any plumber and expect to get a user/maintenance friendly plumbing system in your home. What plumbing contractor does your Contractor use? Do you hear noisy pipes at night? Do you stand & wait long periods for hot water to arrive at your faucet? How many gallons is that a year? How much time for that matter? 20 seconds x 3 times pr day x 365 days = over 6 hours waiting for hot water & about 550 gallons pr year at just your bathroom sink for one individual. If you have a recirculating system is it controlled by a timer, sometimes you get quick hot water but sometimes you don’t, or worse it runs all the time. Is your recirc line a heat dump causing your water heater to fire more than should be required$$? Has your undersized ½ inch recirc line sprung a leak yet at some random place in your ceiling? These are just a few examples. Don’t let your General Contractor choose your Plumbing contractor, Insist on Park City Plumbing For your next Custom Home or Remodel. This is what Park City Plumbing brings to each of our Custom plumbing jobs, Experience, knowledge & we design our user friendly systems for quality and comfort.

Park City Plumbing… Comfort!

It’s no coincidence that Park City Plumbing’s clients are not awakened by noisy, expanding and contracting pipes at night. Any time they desire, they can turn on any fixture and have hot water in an instant. They may not be thinking about the benefits of insulated recirculating lines, aquastat-controlled pumps or aluminum-core pipe — but we are.

Park City Plumbing… Value!

This is the value Park City Plumbing brings to our clients and contractors, a higher standard in plumbing at a fair price. If you are a contractor who appreciates value and quality, Park City Plumbing wants to be your plumbing, radiant heating and solar hot water sub-contractor.


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